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Chance The Rapper And Jeremih Are Dropping A Christmas Album

TheSource Feed - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 11:33pm

Chance The Rapper and Jeremih are delivering fans the ultimate holiday gift. In a new interview with Rap-Up, producer Bongo ByTheWay revealed that two are working on a Christmas album.

“We’re literally still putting it together,” he said. “It’s gonna be one of those [where] everything is gonna come together super fast.”

The two teamed up last December for the nine-track holiday mixtape Merry Christmas Lil Mama. This new Christmas album will feature a mix of remakes and original songs.

“It’s gonna be a little bit of both, but pretty much, it’s gonna be a completion of that project,” Bongo said. “We just put it out for the culture, for the fans and stuff. Now, we’re really finishing it up and we’re gonna put it out right. It’s gonna have new music. It’s gonna be mixed and mastered and everything.”

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The Diplomats Release a New Joint “Once Upon a Time”

TheSource Feed - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 2:55pm

And just like that, The Diplomats are back together. Gearing up to put on an epic performance alongside the A$AP Mob, and releasing new music and what not.

The New York group reunited for their new, soulful record “Once Upon a Time”. The Heatzmaker produced track appears to only have verses from Jim Jones and Cam’ron. Jimmy references different factors that influence the rap culture, meanwhile, Cam proves he’s still effortlessly clever with the rhymes.

Welcome back to the hallway loiterers/I made mills off the white girl, I exploited her/No disrespecting the ladies, word from my team (why)/That’s the reason Dame smacked Harvey Weinstein/On the set of Paid In Full, y’all gave him hell about it/Some foul shit happened once, Capo, tell ’em about it,” Cam spit.

We couldn’t help but notice Cam bring up disgraced Hollywood executive, Harvey Weinstein, claiming that Dame Dash slapped him on set of Paid in Full. That bar comes right after Cam says him and his clique don’t disrespect women.

Listen to the track above.

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Master P Sues Cannabis Company for Fraud and Breach of Contract

TheSource Feed - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 9:15am

Master P has lived out the dreams of many folks during his legendary career. From basketball to music to Nickelodeon shows, P has done it all. So it comes as no surprise that the mogul tried to dip his hand in the thriving cannabis company. Unfortunately, the company he partnered with didn’t hold their end of the bargain and now they’re getting hit with a fat lawsuit.

TMZ reports that Master P is suing Privateer Holdings for breaking a deal that was made last March. The No Limit boss the company was supposed to produce and distribute his Master P’s Trees weed brand in a one-year deal. On P’s end of the deal, he was supposed to cover half of production costs and promote the brand. The product was supposed to be on the streets by the time P performed at a festival, but it never happened because the company backed out that same month.

Now P is claiming that Privateer Holdings never wanted to work with him from the jump. They only wanted “an inside look into the urban and hip-hop demographic of cannabis users” to use for their own purposes. Now P wants the company to cough up $25 million for lost of profit and damages.

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Today In Hip Hop History: The Beastie Boys’ ‘Licensed To Ill’ Album Released 31 Years Ago

TheSource Feed - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 9:14am

On this date in 1986, Adam Horowitz(Ad Rock), Adam Yauch(MCA) and Michael Diamond(Mike D) aka The Beastie Boys, dropped their sophomore LP ‘Licensed To Ill’ on the Def Jam Imprint under Columbia Records.

On the heels of the success LL Cool J’s Radio album and the cut classic flick Krush Groove, Def Jam head honcho Russell Simmons decided to head in the most unconventional direction with the quasi-punk rock/Hip Hop trio for Def Jam’s follow up to those monumental releases. The original title of this release was ‘Don’t Be A Faggot’, but Columbia Records pushed Simmons to change the homophobic title.

Rated as one of The Source Magazine’s Top 100 Best Albums, Licensed To Ill received the coveted five-mic status, a precedent for Jewish Hip Hop artists. In less than six months after its release, this critically acclaimed project earned the Beastie Boys a platinum plaque, lead by the singles “Brass Monkey”, “No Sleep Til Brooklyn”, Hold It Now, Hit It” and the storytelling smash “Paul Revere”.

Unfortunately, crew member MCA lost his battle with cancer in 2012, which actually caused a resurgence in the album’s popularity and sales.

Salute to Def Jam, Russell Simmons, Ad Rock, Mike D and the continued legacy of MCA for creating such a timeless Hip Hop classic!

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Kim Kardashian Accidentally Reveals Third Baby’s Gender on ‘Ellen’

TheSource Feed - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 8:59am

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been tight-lipped these past few months in regards to their third child. Until today, all we knew was that it’s being carried by a surrogate who will be paid a pretty penny for her favor, and the due date is some time in January. TMZ reported in September that the couple was expecting a girl but there hasn’t been any confirmation.

The reality star appeared on Ellen to discuss her latest bundle of joy, and accidentally confirmed TMZ’s reports when sharing a cute North West story.

People brought toys and gifts and she was opening them all up the next day. And she said, ‘Mom, since baby sister’s not here, I think I need all of her toys in my room and I’ll play with them and just make sure they’re all OK for baby sister.

Ellen Degeneres had the best response. “She’s a toy tester—and you just told us it’s a girl.” Aside from the gender reveal, Kim also told Ellen that she doesn’t have a name for her baby girl yet and she’s freaking out.

We don’t have a name and at the baby shower, I was like, ‘I don’t want to play any games, measuring the belly, none of that will work for this time around. I just want everyone to write a name on a little tile and see if there’s something that sticks.’ We’re freaking out. We have no name.

Check out the video above.

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TLC’s Classic Album CrazySexyCool Turns 23

TheSource Feed - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 8:50am

Words by Jasmine Johnson

TLC has released their second album, CrazySexyCool, 23 years ago today.

The 1994 diamond-selling album afforded the trio the creative space to act out the images that the industry often perceived about their respective personalities: Left Eye was the “crazy one”, Chilli was the “sexy one” and T-Boz in most fans minds was the “cool one”. In all honesty, true fans knew that at any given moment either description could describe any one of the girls. And while their personal lives often took front stage (bankruptcy, illnesses, domestic violence, etc.), the girls always won with the music.

In fact, working on this album helped the girls work out many of their personal and professional issues. But they did not do it alone.  The group reunited with their notable cast of hitmakers: Babyface, Jermaine Dupri and Dallas Austin made the CrazySexyCool project a classic. The album relates to sexuality, romantic, and optimism. For two years, it peaked at the top of the Billboard charts like it just came out. It was certified 11 times platinum, making the first female group to be awarded a diamond status. It has sold over 14 million copies worldwide by becoming the best-selling album of all-time by a girl group.

The album was featured in several magazine lists as one of the greatest and classic albums ever. With Billboard, it was ranked one of diamond-certified album on No. 7. The classic singles includes: “Waterfalls,” “Red Light Special,” “Creep” and “Diggin’ on You”.

We know that you have seen the movie of ‘Crazysexycool,’ that premiered four years ago on VH1. It went in depth of the female trio on what they’ve went through behind the fame, their personal struggles, and the death of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez.

Peep the visual of “Waterfalls,” and take the day to celebrate the album!

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Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Petitions the Court for his Mental Evaluation

TheSource Feed - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 8:37am

Words by Leslie Monet

The list of charades associated with Tyrese this year is ever-growing. After warring on social media with “Fast and Furious” cast mate  Dwayne Johnson, outing his “$5 million donors” Jada and Will Smith and regrettably exposing himself in an anxiety driven social media rant, you’d think the “Sweet Lady” ballad singer would be waving a white flag by now.

Most recently, Tyrese’s ex Norma Gibson, petitioned the court to evaluate his mental capacity, during an on-going custody battle for their 10 year old daughter, Shayla Gibson. Her attorney, Aleen Khanjian, built up to this request by referencing the deplorable social media videos which violate a current restraining order. Also, bringing to the court’s attention a foregoing statement by a court-appointed evaluator declaring the singer has a “mental illness.”

In spite of the questionable decisions made in light of Tyrese’s drawbacks, he’s still shown nobility in a promise to pay for a young man’s collegiate experience after he took to Tyrese’s defense in a viral video. The courts have yet to act on the requests from Attorney Khanjian, but Norma seems to be going for the ultimate removal of Tyrese from parenting their daughter in a customary manner.

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Eve Takes Over for Aisha Tyler as Co-Host of CBS’ ‘The Talk’

TheSource Feed - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 8:19am

CBS’ The Talk has found the fifth full-time member of its hosting panel.

Grammy winner Eve (full name Eve Jeffers Cooper) has replaced Aisha Tyler on the Emmy-nominated daytime talk show. Eve made her debut Tuesday, joining a panel that includes Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood.

The Talk went through a series of guest co-hosts as CBS searched for a full-time replacement for Aisha Tyler, who exited last season following a six-year run. Eve guest hosted during the week of Oct. 30.

“We are thrilled to welcome Eve to the table as she brings a fun and fresh perspective to our already diverse panel,” said Angelica McDaniel, exec vp daytime programs at CBS Entertainment. “The great success of The Talk is due to the undeniable chemistry and bond of friendship between the hosts. Eve is an accomplished and dynamic performer, musician, wife and step mother who fits in seamlessly, while also adding a new layer to the show as we continue to evolve season to season.”

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Taraji P. Henson to Headline Paramount Picture’s “What Women Want” Remake

TheSource Feed - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 8:14am

Taraji P. Henson will play the lead character in an upcoming remake of “What Women Want,” which originally starred Mel Gibson in the main role, Deadline reported.

The original pic was directed by Nancy Meyers and starred Mel Gibson as a New York ad exec who, after a freak accident, is able to read women’s minds and uses the new ability to move ahead both professionally and personally.

In this version, Henson would play a female sports agent who has been constantly boxed out by her male colleagues. When she gains the power to hear men’s thoughts, she is able to shift the paradigm to her advantage as she races to sign the NBA’s next superstar.

Will Packer, who previously worked with Henson on “No Good Deed,” and James Lopez will produce the film, while Henson will serve as executive producer. Paramount Pictures will release the film Jan. 11, 2019.

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Rose McGowan Turns Herself in for Felony Cocaine Warrant

TheSource Feed - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 8:06am

Words by Megan Ambers

Rose McGowan is in love with the coco (allegedly!) The actress turned herself in on Tuesday, over an outstanding warrant for possession of cocaine.

In January, The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police was said to have found several small bags of what they believed was cocaine in a wallet McGowan left behind in the airport. A warrant for McGowan was obtained on Feb. 1, more than a week after the items tested positive for narcotics. Last month a felony warrant was issued for her arrest, in which McGowan surrendered in Loudoun County, Virginia. Rose was released on a $5,000 bond.

It is not clear to why it took nine months for the warrant to be put in order, but it comes just weeks after McGowan spoke out about her sexual assault. Last month, McGowan alleged Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein raped her during the 1997 Sundance Film Festival. After the warrant was made public, McGowan claimed that it was a conspiracy due to the allegations that she had made.

See tweet below:

Are they trying to silence me? There is a warrant out for my arrest in Virginia. What a load of HORSESHIT.

— rose mcgowan (@rosemcgowan) October 30, 2017


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Teyana Taylor, Iman Shumpert Granted VH1 Reality Series ‘Teyana and Iman’

TheSource Feed - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 10:25am

Power couple Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert is coming to a screen near you.

VH1 has ordered a reality show series of the hot pair, formally greenlighted as “Teyana and Iman.” The series, set to debut on February 19, 2018, will follow Taylor and the Cleveland Cavaliers guard at New York Fashion Week, where Taylor went viral on the runway, walking the 2017 MTV VMAs red carpet, raising their baby daughter Junie and spending time as a family.

“Teyana & Iman” is executive produced by the newlyweds, alongside David Goldberg, Caroline Baumgard, Ted Iredell, Perry Dance and Billy Kemp are executive producing for Banijay Studios.

Aside from the reality series, Taylor will star in the upcoming season of VH1’s “Hit The Floor.”  She’s also starring in the upcoming Russell Simmons-produced Netflix comedy film, The After Party.

Will you be tuning in?

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Beyonce Brings Holiday In With Themed Pop-Up Bar in Brooklyn

TheSource Feed - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 10:24am

Words by Jasmine Johnson

Starting next month, Bey will be having her own themed pop-up bar in Brooklyn! The New Yorkers will be able to toast to the legacy at Carroll Gardens bar, Leyenda Brooklyn Cocteleria. On December 1, the female-owned spot will rename it to “Sleyenda” and will be having disco balls, sparkly reindeer and Day of the Dead nutcrackers along with menu printed on Beyonce’s Christmas cards.

In the pop-up bar expect two decades of hits from her career, but don’t expect an appearance from the Queen herself. Peep Leyenda’s menu here.

A representative from Leyenda has stated that Beyoncé will only be a part of the theme for this pop-up. ‘Sleyenda’ is giving Brooklyn its very own Latin holiday pop-up bar, with a hint of Beyoncé, the representative said. They also added that the pop-up will be “inspired by fierce pop icons and offer a custom menu that interprets classic holiday cocktails and bites through a Latin lens.”

Beyoncé recently was on the track with Eminem called “Walk on Water.” Her voice was impeccable and it makes us Beyhive fans ready for what she has in store in 2018. We all know she was supposed to perform at Coachella this past April, but with her pregnancy, she is set to come back in April 2018 to see what she has in store for us fans.

We can’t wait until we see and be in formation on how big the pop-up shop is in Brooklyn!

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The John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center Celebrates Hip Hop Pioneers With “The Bridge Concert Series”

TheSource Feed - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 9:48am

After awarding LL Cool J as the first ever Hip-Hop representative on its coveted Kennedy Honors list last year, the John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center continues to make space for Hip Hop culture has announced that it will be having several concerts with several of Hip Hop’s pioneers called “The Bridge Series” beginning this month on November 20.

Dubbed “The Bridge Concert Series: Pioneering Emcees Vol. 1”, the monumental event is produced by DJ Eclipse and Non Phixion. The hosts are the legendary Grandmaster Caz and the Juice Crew’s “First Lady” Roxanne Shante. While DJ Red Alert will be behind the 1s and 2s, emcees for the night include Kool Moe Dee, Kurtis Blow, MC Sha Rock (of Funky 4 + 1), Queen Lisa Lee, Spoonie Gee, and platinum-selling group Whodini.

Graff legend PHASE 2, who also designed the retro flyer for the event, will be adorning the walls with his one-of-a-kind artistic skills to keep the authentic feel of true school Hip Hop.

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SZA Teases “The Weekend” Visual, Dave East & Lil Uzi Vert Team Up for a New Banger | Source News Flash

TheSource Feed - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 9:08am

Today in Source News Flash

SZA just dropped a teaser for highly anticipated visual for her recently certified platinum track “The Weekend,” which was directed by Solange Knowles.
Dave East linked up with Lil Uzi Vert on a new banger, “Don’t Try Me.”
Wiz Khalifa took to social media to make a point about denouncing the “purple drank,” in an anti-lean PSA.

You can now cop Lil Yachty‘s Nautica Holiday collection with key pieces such as ripstop down puffer coat, Sherpa fleece bomber jackets, knit activewear tops and bottoms, color-blocked polos, reversible fleece-lined bucket hats.
Swedish imprint Tretorn debuts the first-ever footwear collection by its creative director André 3000 dubbed, “I André Benjamin will not draw in class.”

Donald Trump Jr. has released exchanges he had with the WikiLeaks Twitter account via direct messages during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Cleveland Cavaliers win against New York Knicks scoring 104-101.

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Today In Hip Hop History: Prodigy Releases His Debut Solo Album ‘H.N.I.C.’ 17 Years Ago

TheSource Feed - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 8:51am

On this day at the turn of the century, Prodigy, the lyrical half of the legendary QB duo Mobb Deep, dropped his debut LP, ‘H.N.I.C.’, released under the Loud/Violator/Steve Rifkind Co./Infamous Records imprints.

Produced by behind the boards experts like his partner Havoc, The Alchemist, Rockwilder, and Just Blaze, this album became the first part the P’s H.N.I.C.(Head Nigga In Charge) trilogy. It also inspired other similar album titles in the 21st century from premiere artists such as Kendrick Lamar(Y.H.N.I.C.) and Wiz Khalifa(O.H.N.I.C.).

Prodigy showed off his versatility on this project, which included love songs(“Trials Of Love”), renewed history tracks(“Infamous Minded”), crew love tracks(“Can’t Complain”, “Dealt With The Bullshit”) and of course, the album-leading, no chorus having “Keep It Thoro”.

Salute to Prodigy in his physical absence, however, his music will forever be etched in Hip Hop History!

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Doomsday Warning To Humanity Is Signed By 15K Scientists

TheSource Feed - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 8:21am

A prophetic ‘warning to humanity’ giving notice of perils facing the Earth has been issued by more than 15,000 scientists from around the world.

Climate change, deforestation, loss of access to fresh water, species extinctions and uncontrolled human population growth are all threatening mankind’s and the Earth’s future. The letter, originally written in 1992 and signed by 1,500 scientists, argued human impacts on the natural world were likely to lead to ‘vast human misery’ and a planet that was ‘irretrievably mutilated’, but a quarter of a century since a majority of the world’s living Nobel Laureates united to sign a warning letter about the Earth, the global scientific community’s view of the future is even more bleak.

The message, posted online, updates an original Warning from the Union of Concerned Scientists and around 1,700 signatories delivered in 1992. Apart from the hole in the ozone layer, which has now been stabilised, every one of the major threats identified in 1992 has worsened.

Runaway consumption of precious resources by an exploding population remains the biggest danger facing humankind, say the scientists. In the second warning letter to the globe, more than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries said humans had ‘unleashed a mass extinction event, the sixth in roughly 540 million years, wherein many current life forms could be annihilated or at least committed to extinction by the end of this century’. People should eat less meat, have fewer kids, consume less and use green energy to save the planet, the world’s leading scientists urged.

“We are jeopardising our future by not reining in our intense but geographically and demographically uneven material consumption and by not perceiving continued rapid population growth as a primary driver behind many ecological and even societal threats”, it said. “By failing to adequately limit population growth, reassess the role of an economy rooted in growth, reduce greenhouse gases, incentivise renewable energy, protect habitat, restore ecosystems, curb pollution, halt defaunation, and constrain invasive alien species, humanity is not taking the urgent steps needed to safeguard our imperilled biosphere.”

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JAY-Z on Kaepernick Kneel: “It’s Not About the Flag. It’s About Justice”

TheSource Feed - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 8:14am

Now that JAY-Z is on tour, he is taking the opportunity to vocalize his views on social issues.

This past Sunday, during the Miami stop of his 4:44 tour, Hov took out time to clarify the reason behind the NFL player protests. Patriotic radicals are under the impression the kneeling phenomenon started by Colin Kaepernick is an act of dishonor towards the United States flag and military.

With an understanding of how critics distorted Kaepernick’s intent behind the kneel, JAY-Z finds the act to be a call for justice.

When people are kneeling and putting their fist up, what they’re doing is not about the flag, it’s about justice, about injustice.

The “Bam” rapper does not limit this matter to the magnitude of races: “…and that’s not a black or white thing. It’s a human issue.”

Despite his belief on injustice in America being a “human issue,” Jay-Z does not forget about the community he reigns from, the Black community and its needs for thorough revival from the extremes of modern-day inequality.

…and Black people, in particular, we have to get our shit together. We gotta start bossing up. We gotta start working with each other.

JAY-Z supports his stance on NFL protests throughout his 4:44 tour by occasionally rocking Kaepernick jerseys and vocalizing his viewpoint on the subject of injustice-most recently in the case of Meek Mill.

Take a look at Jay-Z’s speech captured by TMZ, here.

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Rick Ross, PNB Rock, Macklemore, & More Support Free Meek Mill Rally

TheSource Feed - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 7:10am

Hundreds of people showed up in Philadelphia to rally against Meek Mill’s harsh sentencing. Macklemore was in the building, so was 76ers legend  Julius “Dr. J.” Erving. But it was no surprise to see the MMG boss, Rick Ross, supporting his brother and artist.

Photos and videos of what appeared to be a successful, peaceful rally circulated all over social media. In one clip, Ross took a moment out from fighting injustice to address the crowd:

I’m here to support my brother Meek Mill. I want y’all to understand that if it take Meek Mill to draw this attention, we gonna use Meek Mill to draw this attention that is gonna speak for so many others.

Rick Ross in Philly protesting the sentencing of Meek Mill pic.twitter.com/v7EW7oAsVw

— DJ Akademiks (@IamAkademiks) November 13, 2017

Many Philadelphia Eagles were in attendance in support of the Philly emcee including Malcolm Jenkins, Torrey Smith, Jalen Mills and Wendell Smallwood.

@MeekMill ❗️ pic.twitter.com/GiziHMxn0I

— Jalen Mills (@greengoblin) November 13, 2017

The crowd held up signs that read: “We Support You Meek”, and even began chanting the well-known “Dreams and Nightmares” intro.

i’m covering the #FreeMeekMill rally in philly, crowd chanting “free Meek Mill “ and “fuck that judge” pic.twitter.com/P1VGzyQV0U

— Joshua Scott Albert (@jpegjoshua) November 13, 2017

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Tyrese Has to Represent Himself After His Attorney Quit

TheSource Feed - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 6:58am

Words by Shurida Lundi

Tyrese is set to report to court today with his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, for another hearing. However, it looks like he will be representing himself. Sources say that his attorney, Levich Ross, has left him.

It’s been a rough few weeks for the singer turned actor with his breakdown on social media, arguing with Dwayne Johnson over the Fast and Furious franchise, claiming he received $5 million from Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, and the list goes on. It is very likely that he will be heading to court alone and this may not be the best predicament for him to be in.

His ex-wife wants a permanent restraining order against the Fast and Furious star after claiming he beat their 10-year- old daughter Shayla. In an attempt to reach out to Shayla, Tyrese had a banner
flown over her school not too long ago. He has been very vocal about his love for his daughter and how it has been driving him crazy that he is away from her. However, he apparently passed up a court-approved visit to go on a trip. This could negatively affect him in his case.

Will Tyrese find a lawyer in time?

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Xscape Will be Kickin’ it Without Kandi Burruss

TheSource Feed - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 6:50am

Words by Shurida Lundi

Xscape got their own day in Atlanta, tickets for their worldwide tour that kicks off next week are
selling out, and they may have a biopic coming soon, so where’s the new music? Well,
apparently this quartet will now be a trio recording music.

Kandi Burruss is not recording new music with the rest of the 90s R&B girl group. On an episode
of Watch What Happens Live, a viewer asked about new music. LaTocha Scott of the group
confirmed that new music is on the way but Kandi made sure to state her fate in the group and
let viewers know she will not be a part of making new music. “I’m going to be doing Broadway
and some other things, and they’re going to be working on music.”

When host Andy Cohen asked them if things are good between them, there was an awkward
pause between the group. Burruss went on to say that certain topics still cause them to bump
heads. If you been watching their show, Xscape: Still Kickin’ It, you’ll see that the members are
still clashing.

Fans will get a last chance to see the four of them on tour starting on November 22 nd in
Richmond, Virginia.

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