Is Rihanna joinning the Pokemon Go Trend

Published On Tue, 07/19/2016 - 12:20am
Is Rihanna joinning the Pokemon Go Trend

Pokémon Go has been capturing the attention of gamers, parents, and journalists alike. It seems like everyday, the gaming app is making headlines for one reason or another.

Just when we thought the excitement of Pokémon Go had reached an all time high, a photo surfaced of Rihanna wearing a sport ensemble and matching bag, which both appeared to be Pokémon inspired.

Twitter user, @buildacastle tweeted a message stating that Rihanna looked like a Pokémon gym leader. As you would imagine, Twitter was filled with retweets and humorous annotations. Soon after, Green Glasses (Tumblr) recreated the photo featuring the singer as a fiery animated avatar, equipped with an Eevee in her bag and an Umbreon by her side.

Clearly, any news about the island beauty travels quickly.
The cleverly crafted post prompted fans to scour the web and search: is RiRi joining the Pokémon Go craze? Could our favorite Caribbean bombshell really be joining the growing list of celebrities who've been drawn into the fanfare of augmented reality?

The thought alone is enough to excite both gamers and fans into a frenzy. It isn't hard to imagine the songstress belting a rendition of 'Man Down' after battling and defeating a few Pokémon trainers. I can see the @badgalriri Instagram videos now, equipped with a smile, raised hands, and her often imitated exotic accent. Hopefully, the lucky losers would have managed to snag a few screen shots. Even better, gaming developers should create badges for these rare moments. Such amazing gaming encounters wouldn't be complete without collecting evidence for bragging rights.

Knowing that your favorite pop star could be busy capturing Pikachus and Eevees, makes her seem a bit more tangible. It furthers the impression that the Hollywood elite are not that distant from us.

Sadly, the news of RiRi joining the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, and other celebrity Pokémon Go users, was only fanfare spread by the cleverly crafted avatar.
However, the instant success of Pokémon Go will surely spawn many new and enticing augmented reality games. And like most of us, celebrities love to be in the midst of new and exciting trends. Encounters between fans and those they idolize could soon become commonplace. In the midst of this gaming phenomenon, we begin to imagine a world where the dividing lines between the renowned and the ordinary, are blurred. Social media has allowed fans to peer into the lives of celebrities. Gaming apps like Pokémon Go have the ability to make us feel they are closer and more accessible.

The list of celebrity Pokémon Go gamers is growing quickly, and it's not impossible to imagine that Rihanna could be next. So be sure to look up the next time you visit a landmark to grab more Poké balls, because Rihanna or another fabulous celebrity could be nearby doing the same.
For now, our dreams of battling against the iconic fashionista have been put on hold. But with Pokémon Go growing fast in popularity, they could soon become a reality.

By Necole Barz
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