No Malice Diss Pusha T Aka His Twin Brother

Published On Tue, 04/02/2013 - 4:24am
No Malice Diss Pusha T Aka His Twin Brother

Beef - The Media didn't pick it up except but just heard No Malice latest song "Smoke and Mirror" and it seem like verse 2 to is aimed at his twin brother. He also hint that Pusha T might have sold his soul to the Illuminati. Check out the lyrics below and the video.

It's of a biblical proportion - what you are witnessing
Spiritual abortion - slaughter of innocents
Guilty as charged, destruction of a lineage
Now pray father God, you allow me to repent of it
And any crime scene that bear Malice's fingerprint
I pitched those keys like a tent, without thinkin'
Even served our own mommas, without blinkin'
Walking dead, clueless, no inkling
Within a twinkling, seeing what I was made of

While y'all speculate Clipse break up
Well think it not strange if I'm Abel to his Cain
Hell, even Esau had a Jacob - I ain't trippin'
And what's with all this swag I ain't feelin'
Gotta get that money, huh, nah, I'm chillin'
And I ain't sellin' my soul for no million
Cause that dead-end rap can't even crack its glass ceiling
Why such blasphemy
And anger toward a God which none hath seen
Hmm, leads me to believe
That there's a wee bit more to this Jesus thing
And they use his name to sell them pies
Cause it take a lot of truth just to sell that lie
Yes, even now I repent
Of the circus acts, same clowns, different tent