Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Is So Fake and Scripted

Published On Tue, 06/19/2012 - 3:06am
Fake Scripted Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Our insider told us that this show is both fake and real (Lil Scappy hinted that to us in the video below), let me explained. Most of the show is real but the part that is really fake is Stevie J love life. Our insider told us that Stevie J and Joseline relationship is totally fake but during the filming, they decided not not to tell his main/baby mama, so that her reaction can be real. Think about it, why would a man walk in with his jumpoff chick to a gathering with his "MAIN" and her friends? He want to create a show. Love the part where Joseline threw her drink at Steve J lol So fake.

Another clue that gives off the show being fake is in episode one where Karlie Redd meets Stevie J and Joseline to producer her music. It is obvious that Stevie J and Joseline kissed in front of Karlie Redd knowing that she would have a meeting with his "MAIN" and her friends later and tell about it. But the director of the show didn't want to show that part in order to make the show interesting and make Karlie Redd seem like a liar. Now Joseline is pregnant lol surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Plus how can two guys Stevie J and Rihanna twin brother make a baby?
Guys most of these T.V shows are fake trust me, I seen it for myself.

This is what one of our fan wrote us.
" This is SCRIPTED TRASH! How the hell Stevie J acting like he want to be faithful to his main chick and is flirting with the main chick on camera? That's something a dumb ass would do. Also they threw in every cliche/stereotype about Black people. And come on, did they need to zoom on the butt of the women really? The people in the background at the party weren’t acting natural. They were clearly focused on the manufactured drama."

Do you agree?