Lil Boosie Release Date May 29 2013

Published On Fri, 05/03/2013 - 7:31pm
Lol Boosie Release Date May 29 2013

We haven't gotten a response from Lil Boosie people about his release date from prison, but a craiglist ad which seem bogus stated that women were need for Lil Boosie release party on may 29, 2013.

It stated

Trill Ent is calling out to all the Beautiful ladies in Houston.On May 29 The Inspiring Artist Torrence Hatch will be released!!!!!!LIL BOOSIE!! We are looking for 17. White females and 17 black females and 10 hispanic females for our VIP settings.This will be the party of a lifetime.Please contact us with your picture and info..must have proper ID.

We will keep you guys updated.

Lol Boosie Release Date May 29 2013