Eminem To Go Platinum On First Week Sales With Million MMLP2 Album

Published On Tue, 11/12/2013 - 4:09am
Eminem To Go Platinum On First Week Sell - Million MMLP2  Album Sold

The rapper Eminem 1st week MMLP2 will go platinum. Eminem already sold over 500,000 copies and only 50% of the albums sell have been reported. This means that another half of the albums sell need to be reported. By this projection, it looks like Eminem will out sell Drake, Kanye West, and J Cole will a million records sold.

Eminem MMPL2 album leaked like 3 days before it was released on November 5, 2013. People been saying that the best songs he has on the album are Rap God and Monster featuring Rihanna. For this album, Eminem said that he recoded over 200 songs and pick roughly the best 20 songs to go on the album.

The last rapper to sell over a million albums for the first week was Jay Z and Lil Wayne. Also, Rick Ross has his Mastermind album coming soon this December. We wonder if he would get close to these numbers. Well we will keep you guys posted on the final 1st week MMLP2 albums sell soon.
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